Hello friends! Special love to all my indian foodie friends. It doesn’t make sense of me to sing about the glory of the world famous Indian foods. What makes me write this blog is I personally am a versatile foodie along with my husband and we have guests always craving for our Indian food. So once a friend of mine who had recently been to an Indian food festival came back to me with her yummy tummy memories and asked me, “What makes an indian food- THE INDIAN FOOD ?”. I smiled and replied back

  1.  Immense love for our food and the gesture of serving our dear guests.
  2. Our great Indian spices.
  3. Finally dollops of ghee to it.

If you look at our Indian kitchens no matter which region you belong to our spices follow a rich history of ‘Masala-e-Bharat’. Now these spices are not added to our foods to make it fiery hot but to enrich its flavour and satisfy our palate. These spices have tremendous medicinal qualities too(Thanks to our Ayurveda) also Ghee symbolises ‘Maa ka pyar’ here in India but it again adds flavour along with balancing your health. So here are some common SPICY n AROMATIC members our Indian kitchen.

  1. Cumin – Jeera for those last minute flavoury tadkas.
  2. Mustard – Rai or Sarson you call it for those hot flavours. Available in the form of oil.
  3. Asafoetida – Hing as it commonly known used for adding flavour to dals n curries.
  4. Cloves – Laung is the common term, available in the form oil has number medical properties.
  5. Bay leaf – Tej pata has a very peculiar aroma used with pulav, biryanis and some Indian gravies.
  6. Cinnamon – Dalchini has a sweetish taste but an important member of the garam masala family.
  7. Cardamom – Green and black Elaichi great when added to tea or any of the Indian sweets.
  8. Black pepper – Kali mirch does not need an introduction used over a wide range of dishes right from salad dressing, garnishing to dry roasting and adding them to our very dear gravy dishes.
  9. Coriander seeds – Dhania seeds used as mouth freshener post meals. Add a pinch of it to your regular meals and get ready for the super compliments.
  10. Rock salt or black salt – Kala namak or Sendhav namak great to add to salads, Chaats etc.
  11. Nutmeg – Jayphal is the Indian name of the Indian warm hero used in many Indian sweets.
  12. Saffron – Kesar the royal member of our family.Since the original kesar is very expensive and adds a royal red color to your dishes with a peculiar fragrance.
  13. Fenugreek – Methi some what musky and to used with utmost caution. Methi dana is used for different curries and dried form Kasoori methi for dals and any othet Indian dish.


So we Indian have spices right from our bed tea to end our day with Mukhwaas(mouth freshner) or Masala chaas ( Spiced Buttermilk). Many of us debate upon the usage of spices in the Indian recipes but anything thats balanced results well. But a word of caution to all my newbie kitchners I have modified a proverb for you

” Too many SPICES spoil the broth.”

( had happened to me in my early kitchen journey ).

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