Everyone must have always heard our elderly people advising on increase of intake of leafy vegetables due to their nutritional values. Moms have always striven to feed their kids with these green veggies in some or the other way. But people living in cities barely are aware about the wide range of green leafy veggies available(We are only aware of Methi/fenugreek, Spinach/Palak). Today I thought of sharing some of my leafy veggies knowledge base in pictoral form. Since I belong to Maharashtra, these terms might be very local, but will try to update them:

लाल माठ (Red Amaranth): 

शेपू (Dill):

चंदन बटवा (Bathua):

तांदुळजा/हिरवा माठ (Chinese Spinach):

राजगिरा (Amaranth):


आंबट चुका (Green Sorrel) :


घोळ (Purslane leaves):

करडी / करडई (Safflower leaves):

आळूची पाने (Colocasia  leaves ):

आंबाडी (गोंगुरा / Red Sorrel) :

मुळ्याचा पाला (Radish leaves):

शेवग्याचे पान(Drumstick leaves):


Tell me more ….we can add to the list.

Remember, Popeye gained his energy through green leafy vegetables. So add as much as green leafy vegetables to your kids meal in the form of paratha, salad, khichdi, gravy etc. Local and seasonal food stuff provides maximum antioxidants, vitamins, minerals which promotes healthy growth and slows down the aging as well.


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