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Glossary of Indian Cooking

Indian cooking has originated generations and generations before from various zones and eras around the world. The real traditional Indian way of cooking deals with boiling,steaming,frying,grinding and much more. Today as the Indian food is being appreciated by the world,… Continue reading →

Wheatgrass: Helps prevent Cancer

Wheatgrass, a young member grown out of shoots of wheat, considered as a super food. The reason being it contains ample amount of elements which can help you deal or build up your immunity against this adulterated environment. Let me… Continue reading →

Green leafy vegetables: Local to Maharashtra

Everyone must have always heard our elderly people advising on increase of intake of leafy vegetables due to their nutritional values. Moms have always striven to feed their kids with these green veggies in some or the other way. But… Continue reading →

Papaya Leaves: Cure to Dengue

Hello Friends! Hope you guys are enjoying the monsoons. But with monsoons comes the deadly fear of DENGUE, CHIKUNGUNYA, MALARIA etc. Last year one of my friends suffered from these scary disease called DENGUE, where his platelet count decreased below… Continue reading →

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