Rishi opened the door with an excitement of returning back HOME after a span of two years. This was his longest time away from home or should I say away from Nitya. The house was empty with no lights, he had expected a warm welcome. As he sneezed out he learned of slight body aches cropping up. Dragging the trolley luggage inside and he sat on the sofa. Feeling low, relaxing on the neck rest of the sofa he turned towards their wedding photo placed on the side table. Where was Nitya? Why was she not present to welcome him home when he was back after such a long period? Although she was aware of his arrival why did she do this? Rishi felt upset.

He got up and walked towards the bedroom to freshen up. Rishi entered the shower and was surprised to stuff he needed stacked and well arranged on the bed his bathrobe, after shower clothes. He smirked at that arrangement and proceeded towards the bathroom. After the shower, he felt drowsy and hungry. This long journey and excitement to come back kept Rishi hungry. He was extremely disappointed with Nitya when he realized hunger. He decided to order food and rest. Walking towards the kitchen to pick the local restaurants number, he was stumped to see the dining table laid with all his favorite delicacies parathas, butter chicken, fish fry, vegetable pulav, dal fry and not to forget his utmost fav Gulab jamun. He just couldn’t believe his eyes and felt sorry for misunderstanding Nitya. Just then he was embraced from behind. The same fragrance which mesmerized him years before their wedding. He turned back to find his Love of Life Nitya. He placed a warm kiss on her forehead and her happiness poured through her brown eyes. She just curled through his arms, the silence amongst them spoke about their love and pain experience through the journey of two long years.

“Are you not hungry, dear?” Nitya spoke. Suddenly Rishi realized about his extreme hunger. He just sat down as Nitya served him the food she cooked with love. Sitting across Nitya watched Rishi have food with great satisfaction. In between his foodlicious journey he asked him in kind of high tone,” Where were you? I was expecting you at the main door waiting for me, welcoming me. But you were so busy with your life. It seems you have not missed me.” She smiled and kept looking at him while he wiped his runny nose. After enjoying the delicious homemade food he was about to sleep. But Nitya stopped and handed over a leaflet of antibiotics. Rishi was astonished, “How did you know?” Nitya interrupted him,” I had gone to get these medicines for you, I sensed you were about to fall sick when I spoke to you last night when you sneezed and sounded low.” Rishi was immensely touched by Nitya and her care. She took care of him just like a Mom and loved him like a wife.

Hence our elders say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

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