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Vidarbha Special: Kala Masala (Garam Masala)

Hi Folks, Extremely sorry for the long gap. I was away on the tour to Western India from Vidarbha region; so today we have bought for you a special dry powder masala recipe known as Kala Masala originating from Nagpur…. Continue reading →

Back home

Rishi opened the door with an excitement of returning back HOME after a span of two years. This was his longest time away from home or should I say away from Nitya. The house was empty with no lights, he… Continue reading →

Must Have Lingerie For Newly Weds

Lingerie ideally is not only for newly weds but for every girl out there who appreciates her body, pampers the curves and builds confidence through her personality. But since the wedding season is around the corner I though of sharing… Continue reading →

Glossary of Indian Cooking

Indian cooking has originated generations and generations before from various zones and eras around the world. The real traditional Indian way of cooking deals with boiling,steaming,frying,grinding and much more. Today as the Indian food is being appreciated by the world,… Continue reading →

Pudachi Vadi(Sambhar vadi)

  Pudachi Vadi is a speciality of Vidarbhan Food Culture. This cuisine is specially prepared during winters, due to the availability of coriander in abundance. Its basically more or less like the coriander stuffed spring rolls but in a more… Continue reading →

Litti Chokha: Healthy traditional…perfect on chilly winter evenings

I once had this litti chokha at a food festival in Pune…the ladies preparing this delicacy looked so quick with their movements busy roasting the littis on a tandoor covered with a mesh. The look didnt attract me…but my friends… Continue reading →

Vanilla Sponge Cake (Evening Cake)

After multiple attempts of baking when I have reached a satisfactory benchmark, I have made an attempt to jot it down for my friends. This recipe has been a blockbuster amongst  my family and friends. So lets get started: Ingredients:… Continue reading →

Instant Rava Appam (Healthy Breakfast recipes)

Appam has always been one of my favorite morning recipes not because its tasty but also healthy and can be prepared with different combinations like sweet, spicy with different stuffings. Appam can be made in different ways fermented batter/ instant… Continue reading →

Wheatgrass: Helps prevent Cancer

Wheatgrass, a young member grown out of shoots of wheat, considered as a super food. The reason being it contains ample amount of elements which can help you deal or build up your immunity against this adulterated environment. Let me… Continue reading →

Singhada Dhokla (Water Caltrop)

As Navratri comes closer, we have friends and family members who fast for nine long days. Bored with those typically Sabudana recipes and oily fried potato recipes? We bring to you “yummy like mummy” desi recipes which would help you… Continue reading →

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